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Hendre ASD Unit

Hendre ASD unit at Ysgol Hendrefelin supports pupils with an ASD Diagnosis, a statement of educational needs with autism being the main area of need.


The unit is run with a low arousal strategy, quiet and as distraction free as possible. This combined with a high level of organisation and differentiated work encourages good flow and reduced opportunity for interruption, which in turn promotes learning.

The provision aims to educate pupils with special educational needs within a unit setting, ensuring pupils benefit both academically and socially.

Whatever the child’s abilities, we are providing them with opportunities to thrive, to learn, and to make the most of all of their skills and talents. Emphasis is also given to developing life skills with a modified curriculum for students to focus on their communication, behaviour and social interaction.

Rules are clear and work follows a specific routine and recognisable pattern i.e. rotational group work for maths and English, Work is predictable yet challenging.


There is no mainstream inclusion offered, all lessons are within the ASD unit provision or within Ysgol Hendrefelin main school.

Pupils have individual workstations with visual timetables and established boundaries and routines.


The goals of the unit are to:


  • To offer a balanced and dynamic curriculum individually tailored to promote the academic, personal and social development of each individual student on the Autism Spectrum
  • To promote self-confidence and self esteem
  • To provide an education which prepares our pupils to live independently as an adult, so that they can become productive and happy members of society
  • To enable students to achieve their academic, personal and social potential
  • To promote awareness and understanding of Autism within themselves and strategies to cope.


Therapeutic needs are addressed in the unit; alongside environmental and ASD specific interventions:

We implement where necessary and appropriate:

Speech and Language assessments and therapy reports

Occupational Therapy assessments and

Physiotherapy interventions.


Additional Environments support sensory needs



The unit manages the social communication difficulties within a consistent curriculum, which addresses and challenges these needs entrenched within the National Curriculum demands. Specific Social Communication strategies and lessons are weekly, alongside wellbeing and positive psychology sessions to encourage anxiety reduction and increase self managed capacity to cope with tricky feelings.



Pupils who come to this specialist facility will need to have evidenced that they are unable to cope with any mainstream inclusion.