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Admission Process

Prospective pupils entering residence are considered by a residential admissions panel which is comprised of the LEA’s Manager of  SENAAT (Special Educational Needs, Assessment and Administration Team), the school’s Educational Psychologist, the head of the residential centre and the head/deputy headteacher.

 Pupils could be referred to that panel by the following means:
  1. The pupil makes a request for residence.
  2. The pupil’s parent or carer makes a request.
  3. A referral is made at an annual review of a child’s statement.
  4. Placement is suggested at a social services review meeting.
  5. A residential placement is suggested as part of a child’s original statement on referral to Ysgol Hendre.
  6. A member of the teaching staff makes a suggestion to the admissions panel that a particular child meets one or more of the criteria.
When a child is identified as probably meeting one or more of the admissions criteria, the views of the parent/ carers and child are sought prior to them being considered by the residential admissions panel.