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Core Values

We respect one another

We seek mutual respect between staff, between pupils and between staff and pupils.

We aim to prepare pupils for adult life by teaching them the knowledge and understanding needed to be an effective member of their community.

We value the well being of all staff and pupils

We aim to develop self esteem and confidence in a supportive environment.

We aim for all staff and pupils to feel safe , supported and cared for.

We work together to achieve an atmosphere of trust, viewpoints can be expressed and feelings valued.

We expect the best

We believe that high expectation lead to personal achievement.

We strive for a `can do` attitude.

We recognise and value the contribution of all members of the school community.

We value co-operative working

We are committed to working together as a school so that each individual feels valued.

We strive to achieve effective team working for mutual support.

We recognise that everyone is individual and we value diversity

We value, respect and celebrate diversity in our community.

We promote and provide equal opportunities.

We recognise that different people have different needs we value learning.

We are a learning school that recognise the right to life long learning.

All members of Ysgol Hendre work together to ensure learning is meaningful challenging and fun.