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We aim to put children at the centre of an exciting and stimulating curriculum which responds to their needs and interests. Our planning for such a curriculum has flexibility and is organised in an imaginative and creative ways.
The curriculum consists of all the activities planned by the school t promote children’s learning. It is built around the Foundation Phase Framework, The National Curriculum and the Skills Framework. The centre follows a topic based approach each half term. In order to promote a wide balanced curriculum the children are taught to apply the Key Skills of Thinking, Communication, Number and ICT. Welsh is taught as a second language, with children being given the opportunities to progressively develop their in Oracy, reading and writing.
There is in place planning for discrete, on-going lessons which may be unrelated to the learning context, this is to enhance children’s specific skills, knowledge and techniques an aspects of learning such as Literacy, Maths and P.E. Such teaching may be at an individual, group or whole class level and will be timetabled for a specific period.
A baseline Assessment of the child’s ability is made on entry into school. Thereafter, assessment of progress is an on-going process. Progress through the National Curriculum attainment targets is monitored and recorded.