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Ysgol Hendrefelin’s curriculum seeks to help pupils to:

1. Develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question and argue rationally.

2. Acquire knowledge and skills relevant to adult life and employment in a fast changing world.

3. Use literacy and numeracy effectively.

4. Have respect for religious and moral values and to respect other races, religions and ways of life.

5. Understand the world in which they live and the interdependence of individuals, groups and nations.
6. Appreciate human achievements and aspirations.
7. To develop the ability to sustain effort and concentration within a range of skills and activities.

The curriculum as a whole for all our pupils embodies the breadth and balance provided by the core foundation subjects of the National Curriculum. The core subjects: Mathematics, English and Science form the fundamental part of our curriculum.  The National Curriculum emphasises the importance of these subjects and we aim to provide an approach by which the necessary skills are acquired through well balanced, carefully prepared programmes which are differentiated to satisfy individual needs.  Inherent in any planning will be to have regard for continuity and progression.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, pupils follow the National Curriculum which has the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills at its forefront.  A topic based approach to teaching skills has been developed which allows National Curriculum subjects of English, Maths, P.S.E, History, Geography, Religious Education, Modern Foreign Language and Welsh to be built into the schemes of work which reflect the needs of the pupils.  These subjects are also taught discretely when necessary.  Pupils are also taught Technology, Art, Physical Education, ICT and Creative Arts and Science by specialist teachers in appropriate rooms.  
Key Stage 4
In Key Stage 4, pupils continue to follow the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT, together with RE, PE/Games, Art and Welsh are also offrred and a range of vocational subjects.  Pupils also undertake Essential Skills qualifications in Communication, Application of Number and ICT.  Pupils also participate in a Personal and Social Education/Leavers’ programme which includes a programme of Careers Education and Work Experience.  A specialist careers officer works closely with school on a weekly basis and links with the schools leaning coach.