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Aspire ASD Unit

The centre at Ysgol Hendrefelin caters for 16 ASD pupils with a statement of special need.

Our pupils tend to require help with controlling their anxiety levels, their emotional wellbeing and making friends.

Aspire has mental wellbeing at it’s core using  a mindful approach to learning. The curriculum is varied and mixes social skills  and emotional literacy with traditional subjects.

Pupils are encouraged to try new experiences and gain new life skills, in preparation for transition to college.

Our class guinea pigs help reduce anxiety and build self-esteem in our students.

Meet Mack and Milo.


There are areas that they can find peace and quiet, such as the cwtch or socialise like the garden space.

We encourage pupils to be involved in all aspects of school life such as, Eco Committee, School Council, Sports competitions, Football club and the choir. Our school takes part in e-twinning so pupils have the opportunity for international travel and are involved in linking with other schools across the world. Aspire gives it’s students the chance to thrive in a calm , anxiety reduced learning environment.




Therapeutic needs and other support taken care of in-house.

Speech and language therapy

Sensory circuits

Toe by toe for dyslexia

Talkabout social skills

ELSA emotional coaching

Therapeutic interventions through Art using CBT techniques

Cynnedd transition support

Dedicated school based counsellor

Talk and draw therapy

Play therapy

 And many others.