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Residential Facilities

Residential Facilities

The residential facility occupies the central, first floor block above the school canteen.

The facility comprises:
v     Basic kitchen Diner  facilities
v     Sitting rooms  in both dormitories 
v      Boys’  Dormitories 
v     Girls’ Dormitories 
v     Male toilet/bath/shower room
v     Female toilet/shower room
v     Male and Female staff bedroom at each end of dormitories 
The children in residence have the use of the main, ground floor dining room, and activity room with 2 pool tables and a table tennis table. The gymnasium is also available for use and is accessible without the need for entering the school building.  (This is an important consideration because school and residence need to be considered as separate entities wherever possible).However, other specialist school facilities such as ICT or food technology rooms may be made available if required for specific activities.

Mr N Allinson
Mr D Docherty
Mrs C Evans (night awake sitter)
Mrs K Walton ( night awake sitter)
Staffing is deployed on the basis of at least three staff on duty at any time when children are in residence. There are times when children with more complex needs are in residence and additional staff may be employed on a 1:1 basis for these children.  Either the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher is on call by mobile phone (off site) whenever children are in residence.