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Residential information

Ysgol Hendrefelin Residential department offers pupils the opportunity to continue their social and emotional development as part of the 24hr curriculum that school provides.
 The residential unit is available to all pupils who attend Ysgol Hendrefelin and can be accessed by referral from any member of the school staff. Parents/carers, pupils and school all have to consent to the residential placement as stakeholders in the pupils development.
The pupils are supervised by a dedicated team of staff who aim to help the pupils develop skills that will benefit them as they mature. The pupils are encouraged to develop basic self-help and independent living skills, including personal hygiene routines, bed making, and use of the washing machine and cooking. The pupils are also encourages to gain a higher level of independence training which will prepare them for an independent adult life. These include self-advocacy skills, appropriate use of leisure time, independent travelling, self-catering and shopping.
The unit offers pupils the chance to mix with their peers outside of the school setting in a relaxed and friendly environment with the opportunity to access a wide variety of activities, opportunities and experiences that wouldn’t normally be available to them.